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We will be open again for submissions on January 2nd, 2024.

Poetry can be as foundational as rock, as light as paper, as incisive as honed scissors. At RockPaperPoem, we print poetry that sticks in your throat like a peach pit – undissolvable, unmovable, permanent. We feature poems that glide as easily as paper planes – airy, translucent, even lyrical. But we also want the sharpness of a scythe that cuts away the chaff and may even nick us in the process, leaving a stunning essence.

At RockPaperPoem, we publish poems that rally to great causes, speak to daily lives, reveal personal passions. Poems on our pages may beguile, yell or whisper, but are heard, understood, and grounded in humanity. Our readers know the poet’s heart, embrace the poem’s intent, hear the poet's words come alive.

RockPaperPoem publishes today's finest poetry from established, emerging and new poets writing in English. We strive to include all cultural identities as we highlight work that expands the boundaries of mainstream poetry, without sacrificing accessibility for experimentation. We applaud and publicize our contributors by nominating for “Best of the Net”.

RockPaperPoem is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you would like to help support us, please click on the button below.

RPP's 2024 “Best of the Net” Nominations

We are very pleased to present our 2024 nominations for “Best of the Net” (in alphabetical order by poet):

Photographers of War, 2022” – Idris Anderson
most everyone we know is swimming” – Mela Blust
Headscarves” – Roxana Cazan
Male Mammoths Died in 'Silly Ways' More Often Than Females, Study Finds” – Susan Blackwell Ramsey
Tahlequah the Orca Once Carried Her Dead Child for Seventeen Days” – Meggie Royer
Elegy” – C. J. Trotter

If you missed these poems in our previous issues, take time to enjoy the beauty and depth of their emotions by clicking on the titles.

Congratulations to the six talented poets on their wonderful creations. And best of luck in the competition for a place in the 2024 "Best of the Net" anthology!

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