Lost Glasses

by Judy DeCroce


Yes, there’s justice in being gone
so far from a pocket

lost is a perfect place to ponder
year after year

not exactly useful
but not empty either

though my value to you may be gone
my means to see now limited

Still, resting here
looking at a curious frog     a rock
and knowing how to hide

deep in the high grass     yellow framed
within the presence of green and sky

Do you look for me, still?

Judy DeCroce lives and works with her husband poet/artist Antoni Ooto in rural upstate New York. Widely published internationally in print, online journals, and anthologies, she is a poet, flash fiction writer, and educator who is a regular contributor to The BeZINE, The Front Porch Review, North of Oxford, OpenDoor Magazine, The Poet Magazine, Amethyst Review, and Vita Brevis Press. Judy is proud of being invited, for a second year, to participate in the Waco Wordfest, Oct. 2021. As a professional storyteller, she enjoys preforming and teaching that genre.