Music From Big Pink

by Lisa Periale Martin


pale salmon pink
washed indigo blue
pacific pod nursery rime
baleen brine stew

birthsong begins
ancient round taken up
waters breaking, mama breaching
hot internal tonnage speaking

more like singing
membranes splitting
partner cursed
as it’s beginning

sea spray burst
chorus rehearsed
emerges ready
slowly steady

rising up
mammary guy
titanic thirst
first glimpse of sky

rooting for cetacean milk
furtive fin areach
comprehending eye takes in
all timeless seas will teach

Lisa Periale Martin is a poet, writer, librarian, mariachi aficionado, and former farmworker. Her writing is steeped in the essence and wonder of the Sonoran Southwest. Tiny Seed, Claw and Blossom, Plants & Poetry Journal, and Harpy Hybrid Review have published her work. Two recent poems are featured in a Chax Press chapbook, POG 2021.