Uncommon Dust

by Charity Everitt


What comes up on the cloth
is the refuse of mountains, light
years’ litter, glitter of stars.
And beyond that, the stuff of you
and me, the bus driver’s babysitter,
Incan kings.

In this taking up, shaking out
in salute to our ancestral universe,
we rise like smoke, incense
on common air. Red ochre
on our fingers, we mark our walls
with caribou and intergalactic ships
before shouldering our brooms.

Charity Everitt was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and is retired following a career in technical writing and engineering software design and development. Her poems have appeared in Lyrical Iowa, River Heron Review, Comstock Review, Concho River Review, and Sky Island Journal, among others. Her first chapbook, Translation from the Ordinary, was published in 2023 (Finishing Line Press).