Issue 2
April 2022


Editors’ Note


Welcome back for Issue 2 of RockPaperPoem! We’re so glad and grateful that you are with us for another collection of fine poems from talented poets. Amid the carnage of war in Europe and the lingering effects of a pandemic becoming endemic, we offer you time for contemplative reflection on the humanity of words that reach our inner selves.

This issue again presents a wide range of voices in a variety of settings. Robbie Gamble’s “January” and a golden shovel from Susan Barry-Schulz remind us of the cold restlessness of winter, while Dianne LeBlanc’s “Days After the Fire” and Charity Everitt’s “What Will Carry Us” look at what’s coming. In addition, the depth and poignancy of Eleanor Kedney’s “The Wielding” contrasts with Michael Brockley’s lighter take on parochial school.

There’s so much more to enjoy from all of our wonderful contributors. So treat yourself to a favorite beverage in a cozy place, and spend some time with the work of these poets.

We will welcome you back again this fall. Until then, thank you for your readership!

The Editors


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