Issue 3
August 2022


Notes on Issue 3


With a new season quickly approaching, we hope you enjoyed your summer as much as we did. We had the privilege of reading a thousand poems from hundreds of poets across North America and across the Atlantic! We curated new poems from California to New York, Minnesota to Texas, Canada to Great Britain to Italy – a smorgasbord of fine poetry for your reading pleasure.

In Issue 3 of RockPaperPoem, you’ll discover poems of wartime poignancy from Idris Anderson and Lisa Zimmerman, an ode for Wallace Stevens from RC deWinter, and a surprising elegy from C. J. Trotter. From Riley Mayes’ cosmology of birth to Tom Barlow’s heavenly hot dog, we want you to get acquainted with wonderful poems of loss, joy and hope in this issue.

To our submitters, we say thank you for sending us your best work – we appreciate you considering RockPaperPoem as a home for your poetry gems. And thank you, dear readers, for joining us again for our latest issue!

The Editors


P.S. Please take a few special minutes to read the poems from our first nominees for Best of the Net from Issues 1 and 2 – they’re beautiful!

Metallurgical” – Micki Blenkush
Presence” – Lauren Camp
Lost Glasses”– Judy DeCroce
If I Had Written That Poem I Could Be Happy All My Life” – Charity Everitt
The Wielding”– Eleanor Kedney
How Light Asks”– Scott Lowery


Image Credits:

Photographers of War, 2022 - Composite Photo by Deborah Goschy ©2022 using these elements:

Family - Felipe Albertella
TO THE WASPS (and others I have harmed) - Projeto Café Gato Mourisco
Unbutton Here - Deborah Goschy ©2022
Fairie Pie - Priscilla Du Preez
The Final Question on the Dentist's Form Asks "Is There Anything You Don't Like About Your Smile?" - Marco Verch
On the Origins of Sloth via Despair and Protest - Zhang Kenny
Hecate - Molnár Bálint
Night On The 5 - Jamie Street
Validations and Invariants - Sandy Millar
Destiny - Alexander Andrews
Drowning: A Glosa In Memory Of Chester Bennington - Alexander Andrews
Is There A Word? - Deborah Goschy ©2022
Elegy - Matthew Spiteri