Issue 4
December 2022


Editors' Note


Hello again from the RockPaperPoem team! We are very grateful that you have taken the time to find us, and to enjoy the poetry we present for your reading pleasure.

As we begin our second year, we have curated Issue 4 from a wide variety of poets, locations, and perspectives. During the end-of-year and beginning-of-year holidays, we often think of family and friends who surround us, and those who have passed. Several of the poets in this issue put the heartache and love that accompany loss into beautiful language and imagery: Laura Foley’s “Sketching”, Lynn Finger’s “The White Bat”, and Ellen White Rook’s “Oh Brother” are just a few of these poignant elegiac poems. But humor lightens the season, too, in Michael VanCalbergh’s poem about a pesky ant, and Susan Blackwell Ramsey’s take on male mammoths that mixes matter-of-fact lightness with serious overtones.

We hope you will peruse all the works of these fine poets in Issue 4 and select your own favorites. For now, know that 2023 will bring more of what we love to do: give you the gift of the finest poetry we can find in future issues of RockPaperPoem.

Happy reading!

The Editors


Image Credits:

Oh Brother -
Indianapolis Contrapuntal - Nathan Rupert
Asleep at the Wheel - Nicholas A. Tonelli, “Sluggish”
Sketching -
Elegy on a Subway Platform -
The Very Short Memoir of an Ant - “A Bathtub Curiosity” illustration
by Deborah Goschy, ©2022. All Rights Reserved
“Male Mammoths Died in ‘Silly Ways’ More Often Than Females, Study Says” -
The White Bat - Derek Keats
John Has Dementia -
Augusta Savage -
Graveyard Shift -
Nomenclature -
Autumn Leaf, Yellow Raincoat - Robert Couse-Baker
Headscarves - Orrling
Music from Big Pink -
Journey -
Angel of Edges -
Dancing With My Brother - Curran Kelleher