Issue 7
December 2023


Editors’ Note


Welcome to Issue 7 of RockPaperPoem! We are thrilled to present our second anniversary issue to you, our treasured readers!

Two years ago this month, we launched our first issue of 17 poems and 15 poets. This time, we have 19 poems from poets in 13 States and Saudi Arabia!

We welcome back Lauren Camp from Issue 1, and greet new contributors: Pamela Uschuk, Jane Ann Fuller, Eric Arthur Mecklenburg, and many more wonderful poets from across the U.S. From Scott Davidson's "Gathering" to Valerie Bacharach’s "Deadbolt", and D.L. Pravda's "Crossbuck" to Melody Wilson’s "Hurricane," there is more than one poem in this issue that will intrigue you.

A reminder: We have two new features on our website that we hope you will explore. "Poets Index" is a quick-reference listing of all the fine poets we have published to-date, with links to their beautiful work. Also, we have added a "Donate" button to our site and invite you to consider supporting our all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) journal at any time of the year.

With two years' worth of gratitude for your continued support and kind encouragement, the entire RPP team says, "Thank you, dear readers!" We can hardly wait to show you what’s coming next!

RPP Editors


Image Credits:

Gathering - Family eating at table. Image Author: Jakub Kapusnak
Deadbolt - Broken door with deadbolt. Image Author: unknown
Holy Week - Western mockingbird on cactus. Image Author: CyclicalCore
In the Desert - Sand dunes during daytime. Image Author: Chris Barbalis
a bisexual perspective on love - Woman feeling very sad portrait adult disappointment. AI generated Image by rawpixel.
Dotted Memory - MEMOREX MMC MC-60 Microcassette. Image Author: unknown
You Can Keep It - Man Hands Holding Book. Image Author: Ron Lach
Assessing the Aftermath - Swirls and Curls by Julia Goschy ©Julia Goschy, 2023, All Rights Reserved, edited by Deborah Goschy.
Too Many Funerals - Solitary Tree drawing by Deborah Goschy, ©Deborah Goschy, 2023, All Rights Reserved.
Crossbuck - Railroad Crossing Signage. Image Author: Defi22
Rewilding Suburbia - Buffalo grass. Image Author: by Deborah Goschy, ©Deborah Goschy, 2023, All Rights Reserved.
For a Woman Glancing Out Her Kitchen Window - A Woman Spraying a Window with Glass Cleaner. Image Author: Liliana Drew
CANYON - Composite photo of canyon and hand scattering ash ©Deborah Goschy, 2023, All Rights Reserved.
Photo 1 (canyon) CC0 Public Domain
Photo 2 (hand scattering ash) CC0 Public Domain
Hurricane - Woman Packing Moving Boxes. Image Author: RDNE Stock project
Barnacles - Shells. Image Author: unknown CC0 Public Domain.
Original Infinities - The ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla, during observations. Across the plan of the picture, is the Milky Way, our own galaxy, a disc-shaped structure seen perfectly edge-on. Above the telescope´s dome, here lighted by the Moon, and partially hidden behind dark dust clouds, is the yellowish and prominent central bulge of the Milky Way. Image Author: ESO Photo Ambassador Serge Brunier